is now Enriched with SITE SEARCH, which Helps to Find NGO(s) Easily on this Website. Wishes you a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2012... is now Available to NGO Associates to Provide access to all the 40,000 Plus NGO database on this website from 1st January 2012.
Who can have Access to Indian NGOs data?
You may be a Funding / Donor Agency looking to communicate your Latest Grant Announcement to NGOs in India.
You may be an NGO Consultant, who can assist NGOs in India to strengthen their service activities.
You may be a Proposal Writer to support NGO present their Activity & Appeals to Donors in proper manner.
You may be an Organiser who conducts Seminars, Workshops etc to strengthen the capacities of the NGOs & Administrators.
You may be a Publisher who has printed resources which are help ful to NGOs in India
You can be a Web Development Company who can build perfect platform for NGOs to Present their activies globally and raise support for their activities.
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  • Funding / Donor Agencies

    Announcing your Grant Notification is made Simplified by
    You can now access the information of 40,000 + NGOs and Communicate them easily.
    Apply to access the information of NGOs in India.

  • Web Designing Companies

    • NGOs in India Needs Proper Webpresence to Present their activities Globally to raise support for their Organisation.
    • If your Company has Capacities Required to Provide Websites (Static / Dynamic) to NGOs as for their Needs, Apply to Access the information On this website.
  • Consultants / Proposal Writers / Publishers / Organisers

    Get access to the Information of NGOs to Communicate about Resources you can provide to NGOs.

  • Take the Lead

    • Apply to Take the Lead on the Domain