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Regd. Date:    10-10-2003 vide Regd. No :    785/2003

Chief Functionary : Syed Reyaz Monir

Located in City : Patna of Bihar State, India.
Address NGO Address : Secretary, Mother Universal Organization, Motherlap School, Ashiyana Nagar, Phase - 1

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Phone Phone : 0612-2581194
Mobile Mobile : 09304888667
Email Email : info@motheruniversal.org
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Website Website :  http://www.motheruniversal.org


NGO Activities : This organization has been specifically created to take care of destitute children of Railway platforms and those living with their incarcerated mothers in jail. We started a School for the children living with their mothers in Model Central Jail, Beur, Patna and successfully pursued with the State Govt. to adopt the scheme for the whole of Bihar. Now, we are working on another model. We have setup an elite class self financing School in the most posh locality of Ashiyana Nagar, Patna. Now we want to create residential facilities for destitute children in the vicinity of our School so that they could be enrolled in this School at par with privileged children of our society. We are working on the theory of equal opportunity to unequally placed children. The strength of this theory comes from the deprived childhood, humiliating adolescence and tough adulthood of the founder of this Organization who fought back his destiny to become a Post Graduate from JNU and also made his younger brother an I.R.S. Officer. This happened 15 years after the death of his father; and this happened in a society where no officer ever existed either at paternal or maternal side upto the memorable history; and this happened despite opposition by the family elders and ridicule by the society for close to a decade when my younger brother changed the definition of probabilities. Now the founder and functionaries of this Organization are working on the same theory for the destitute children who are otherwise neglected like useless creatures by the civil society. As of now we visit Railway platforms and take care of the health problems of these children. We earnestly want to bring them into our School and explore their potential. We want to create a TRANSIT HOUSE near Patna Railway Jn., a HOSTEL near our School and a MOBILE SCHOOL for children roaming near Bus Stands and on footpaths. The second phase of our plan includes setting up a residential HIGH SCHOOL on the outskirt of Patna. We have identified the land for this purpose to be obtained on long lease basis once the fund is available. Thanks.
NGO ID : 211692227
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