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Regd. Date:    16-02-2002 vide Regd. No :    H/RS-2087

Chief Functionary : Joe Ngamkhuchung

Located in City : Dimapur of Nagaland State, India.
Address NGO Address : The Chairman, People in Need Foundation, Hno 202, United North Block, Burma Camp, Dimapur, Nagaland, 797112

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Phone Phone : 03862-233238
Mobile Mobile : 09436004219
Email Email : pinfdimapur@yahoo.co.in
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NGO Activities : 1.The People In Need Care Centre Established in the year 2004, the Community Care Centre for PLHA at Burma Camp, Dimapur was the first of its kind in Dimapur. The 5 bedded AIDS Hospice – ‘People in Need Care Centre’ aimed at providing residential care for PLHA during Opportunistic Infections and recuperation and rest with medical, nutritional and psychosocial support free for cost. During the past 5 years of its existence, the centre has reached out to over 350 clients. Though not funded by any agency, the centre continues to provide the services with the kind whole hearted support of church groups, individuals and board members of the organization. 2. CLHA Orphan Care The People in Need Care Centre recognized the need of rehabilitation of the orphans, when two of the children of the clients where orphaned with the death of both the parents in 2006. The centre provides holistic rehabilitation to two orphans while attending to the needs of 3 more children through providing extended stay and care at the centre. 3. Nutrition Centre The organization launched the Nutrition Centre in February, 2008 to cater to the increased nutritional requirements of the PLHA on ART/DOTS and CLHA. The Centre provides nutritional supplements like Horlicks, Poushtik+, etc to the clients once a month. The centre also provides for health check up and monitoring along with counselling, facilities for peer group interaction as well as formation of support groups. The Nutrition Centre is situated at OC-7, Super Market, Dimapur and is not supported by any funding agency as of now. However, the contributions from the Churches Network, the Governing Board members and individuals have kept the services of the centre afloat. The Nagaland Legislative Forum On HIV/AIDS (NLFA) provided a one time grant of Rs. 1 Lac to the centre in the year 2008. 4. Community Based Rehabilitation Programme on Disabilities (CBR) The CBR programme under the CBR Forum Bangalore funded by Caritas India, was launched on 1st April, 2009 for the Dhansiripar block of the Dimapur district. The programme is designed to rehabilitate the People With Disabilities (PWD) through a community based approach. Apart from mobilizing the PWD and connecting them to the existing services and schemes of the government, the programme also seeks to educate the community disabilities and create acceptance and conduciveness for the PWDs in the community. 5. AIDS Competence Process The Organization has been part of the AIDS Competence Process (ACP) India, since its launch in July 2007. ACP seeks to empower communities and individuals to be competent to face the HIV/AIDS pandemic in terms of prevention and care and support. Over 26 countries across the world are adapting the ACP approach and the PNF is part the 12 NGOs across India, who have been implementing the process. The organization hosted a support visit of ACP NGOs to Dimapur in September 2008, and held ACP National Review and Nagaland Learning Event in May 2009. Through these events, the organization has been preparing the NGOs of Nagaland to implement ACP through integral approach with the Targeted Intervention Programmes.
NGO ID : 228232234
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