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Regd. Date:    29-08-1991 vide Regd. No :    Al.47

Chief Functionary : Dr Ashutosh Tiwari

Located in City : Allahabad of Uttar Pradesh State, India.
Address NGO Address : Sirsa Road, Saidabad, Allahabad, UP-221508

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Phone Phone : 05332-320109
Mobile Mobile : 9899156862
Email Email : tiwariashutoshtiwari@yahoo.com
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NGO Activities : (i) To improve the occupation skills and technical knowledge of the new literates and the trances and to raise their efficiency and increase productive ability. (ii) To provide academic and technical resource support to Zila Sakshara Sumit in taking up vocational and skill development program for new literate in both arban and rural areas. (iii) To serve as nodal continuing centers and to coordinate, supervise and monitor 10-15 continuing education centers/ nodal centers. (iv) To organize training and oriental course for key resource persons, master trainers on designing development and implimentat5ion of skill development program under the scheme of Continuing Education for neo-literates. (v) To organize equivalent program through Learning system. (vi) To widen the range of knowledge and understanding of the social, economic and political systems in order to create a critical awareness about the environment. (vii) To promote national goals such as secularism, national integration, population and development, women’s equality protection and conservation of environment, etc. (viii) Increasing rural skill through science and technology. (ix) Environvent and sustainable agriculture. (x) Health and malnurition
NGO ID : 339792114
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