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Regd. Date:    22-07-1994 vide Regd. No :    3420/94

Chief Functionary : Mr G Ravindra kumar

Located in City : Hyderabad of Andhra Pradesh State, India.
Address NGO Address : CARVE D.No

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Phone Phone : 08596-226586
Mobile Mobile : 09849204967
Email Email : carvengo@rediff.com
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NGO Activities : CARVE Brief note on Activities and achievements Activities 1) Participatory Resource Appraisal (PRA) & Participatory Resource Mapping (PRM) for situational analysis 2) Community sensitized programs in habitation level 3) Resource Inventory for different project related for natural resource management, livelihood, sanitation and health projects. 4) Organize kalajathas for awareness creation 5) Trainings in measuring rain fall, water levels 6) Capacity building trainings for different community based institutions 7) Gender main streaming trainings on natural resource management 8) Book keeping trainings for different CBOs. 9) Create awareness for school children on natural resource management 10) Exposure visits on different development activities. 11) Participatory Technology Development (PTD) 12) Integrated pest management (IPM) 13) Farmer Water School (FWS), Farmer field school (FFS) 14) Soil and water quality analysis for irrigation and awareness 15) Drinking water quality analysis and awareness creation 16) Constructions of artificial Ground water recharge structures and water shed programmes. 17) Crop Water Budget (Water Balance estimation) exercises (CWB) 18) Trainings on organic fertilizers and pesticides 19) Linkage development between village level stake holders and government departments 20) Skills and knowledge upgrade trainings and workshops for habitation level artisans. Achievements • About 3000 farmer families are capable of measuring groundwater levels and rainfall by using scientific equipment • About 3000 farmer families are able to understand the availability of ground water in their HU (Hydrological Unit/Water shed). • 90% of farmers in the 75 habitations have been adopted water Use efficiency methods like Drip, Sprinklers, and Mulching and piped irrigation for their crops. • In 13 hydrological units 80% of farmers are practiced less water consumption crops instead of paddy in rabi season based on the available ground water availability • 675 farmers belongs to 75 habitations are capable to address ground water issues in their hydrological units before district and state level forums • 3000 farmers were graduated (2006-2008) through FWS-FMGS and received certificates from APFAMGS / FAO • About 150 farmers have got capacity as farmer facilitators (2006-2008) through FWS-FMGS • About 1500 farmers are trained in collecting soil & water samples for soil and water quality testing. • About 2500 farmers are using vermi compost for their crops replacing chemical fertilizers. • About 950 farmers adopted IPM (integrated pest management) practices in 75 habitations. • In 70 habitations, farmers have knowledge on Bio products and its benefits. • 630 children’s both boys and girls have knowledge on PHM (participatory hydrological monitoring) activities. • 1250 farmers are supported and practicing backyard kitchen gardening. • 68 GMC’s (groundwater monitoring committees) conducted study on food and nutrition, and now they have full knowledge on their food and nutrition status. • About 85 farmers are using Tricoderma viridy for their Sweet Orange Orchards, which was learned through Participatory Technology Development (PTD) processes. • Farmers belongs to 75 (GMCs) habitations developed good relationship with govt. departments and got benefit with different govt. schemes. Several programs worth of rupees 88,80,000/- have been mobilized from agriculture, horticulture, Irrigation & RWS departments. • 13 hydrological Unit Networks (HUNs) have been registered with Govt. as societies under societies registration act. These registered bodies started functioning on their own. • Farmers successfully executed the construction of AGRs (Artificial Ground water Recharge structures). This activity results an additional recharge of 4 lakh cu. Meters of water into aquifers. • Farmers contributed/mobilized an amount of Rs. 25,000 to manage water bodies in future. • About 60 people belongs to pottery community were trained in advance practices of pottery.
NGO ID : 9436241240
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